Do you have trouble defeating the toughest weeds? Well, nothing kills tough weeds fast and prevents weed regrowth for longer than Job done Tough Weedkiller. Deep rooted weeds such as brambles, nettles and thistle to name a few are no issue for this weedkiller – it is fast acting, with results seen within 24 hours, and prevents weeds growing back for up to 3 months!

    • Nothing kills tough weeds faster and prevents for longer
    • Kills deep rooted weeds such as brambles, nettles, thistles and many more
    • Visible results withing 24 hours
    • Provides 3 month prevention against new weed growth
    • A systemic and residual weed solution

Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use.

Job Done Tough Weedkiller Ready To Use 3L


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